Why your business needs a marketing partner

05Feb, 2018

Inbound marketing allows businesses to reach and attract customers from anywhere on the planet using a collection of strategies and tactics from blogging and social media to promotions and campaigns.


The good thing about inbound marketing is that it works very well. The challenge is that it takes an entire team with various skills to execute it properly and consistently.


An online marketing partner brings these skills together to execute with you and on your behalf. You get a team that understands your businesses goals and provides a complete online marketing service focused on your businesses growth.


What is an Online Marketing Partner?


An online marketing partner provides various functions such as strategy developement, campaign management, social media management, content development, blogging, podcasting, article marketing and SEO to name a few.


An online marketing partner works with your business to develop smart goalsdevelop buyer personas and then apply an personalized inbound strategy focused on reaching your growth goals.

What Is the Difference Between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing?


Outbound marketing is basically about a business budgeting for advertising and marketing. For example, a business could place newspaper and billboard ads, or online ads, in the hopes of enough people seeing them to become customers.


In most cases, outbound marketing is not particularly cost effective because less than one out of every ten people who sees an ad responds to it.


On the other hand, inbound marketing is a cost effective way to market your business and grow your brand. It allows people who need your product or service to find it via search engine, social media or other methods rather than you placing an ad and hoping they happen to find it.


For instance, people who see a Facebook status update or blog post by your business and who click on it for the full text are already interested, already invested. Compared with inbound marketing in which one out of ten people tend to respond, the numbers for inbound marketing are much better.


An online marketing partner focused on executing your inbound marketing strategy will allow you to focus on your business to free up time and resources to maintain a higher return on investment.

Cream of the Crop


Online marketing services will allow your business to rise to the top, above the competition. They do this by link building, enhancing website content, building an online presence and more.


When a potential customer types a keyword or keyword phrase into a search engine, online marketing services will have made it possible for your business to appear at the top of results, blowing away your competition.


Looking for a cost-effective way to stand above the crowd?


Find an online marketing service today to help your business reach its potential.

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Craig is one of Marketing Stream's co-founders. He's spent 15+ years working with companies to develop and implement digital products & growth strategies. Craig also blogs about online business on his personal blog at CraigCherlet.com.You can also find and follow him on these social sites.