Using Synup to ramp up your local SEO

As a business owner, you want your business to be found easily by potential customers. For brick and mortar businesses, it’s even more important that customers near their business location find their business on top of the search list.


For eg. Say “Joe’s Pizzas” is located in “Akron, Ohio”. So, when a hungry customer in Akron searches for pizza, Joe wants “Joe’s Pizzas” to show up on his search results much more than he wants a customer in Texas searching for Pizza to get “Joe’s Pizza” in the results. Simply because there’s no plausible way he’s getting business from a customer in Texas.


While there are several businesses that would like to get customers/leads from all over the country, but the leads closest to home are the ones that are more often than not, the most valuable. That’s what Local SEO is all about, to rank higher on search engines for local searches.


“Local SEO is a highly effective form of local online marketing. It allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking for your type of business.” BrightLocal, About Local SEO


What is a business citation, you ask?


Citations are defined as mentions of your business name and address on other webpages—even if there is no link to your website. An example of a citation might be an online yellow pages directory where your business is listed, but not linked to.



Examples of popular citation sources Google, Yelp, Facebook, Hotfrog, Showmelocal etc.(See a larger list of local search directories here.)

So why all the fuss about citations?


The only place most people searches and finds businesses on is Google so why bother with all the citation nonsense? Who indeed is going to search for pizza on


Well it’s quite simple really- Google is primarily a search engine(though it’s also a business directory itself – Google My Business) and a search engine needs to find your business somewhere. That’s where citations come in – A business with plenty of citations on the web will have a far higher chance of being ranked better on Google local results.


What defines the quality of a citation? Well it’s not quite straightforward but generally speaking the more popular a citation directory, the better the quality of the citation. There are also niche directories which only list business of certain categories. For example, only lists Taxi services so its popularity may not be as high as but if you are a taxi service provider, you want to be on as Google will give their listings a priority over or any other generic directory for a search on Taxi services.


Crux of it all : A local business needs to rank higher on Google (also on Bing and Yahoo), local business citations help you do that for your business.


What’s Synup?



In operation since mid-2014, Synup’s platform for local business citation management is currently being used by 30k+ SMBs, Agencies and Enterprises to manage and boost their Local SEO efforts.


Synup provides a platform that lets you manage your own listings/citations with ease so that you can focus on your business. The Synup dashboard syncs all your business information from across the web and lets you manage them directly from the dashboard.


In more simpler terms, you no longer have to go to each citation directory and then register and wait for your verifications to complete for ages. Synup will automatically add your business to all the large local search directories and your business will have multiple quality business citations in no time resulting in higher Search Rankings and in turn get more leads and customers.


Benefits of using Synup



Instant Sync
Synup give you instant submission on 45 local search directories and instant live listings for your local business.


Central Dashboard
Synup provides you a central dashboard where you can enter your NAP(Name, Address, Phone number) and other details all in one place and this data is consistently sent across to other directories.


Automated Claim Wizard

Finding and claiming all of your listings on each and every directory out there is a tedious process that requires a lot of valuable time and effort. Synup automates this process by letting you claim your listings directly through our dashboard, and also allows you to monitor the progress of your business verification.


Instant Updates
Any changes that need to be made can be made through the dashboard and these changes will be reflected everywhere else. This removes the hassle of manually making changes on each directory every time a small change is required. It also maintains the consistency of business listings.


Duplicate Suppression

Duplicate Business Listings are a huge problem for Local Businesses that Synup continuously strives to solve. With Synup’s integrated dashboard, you can view all the duplicate listings present on a particular site and select the most accurate one, so that we can get to work on removing the duplicates that are harming your business.


Embeddable Widgets

Social Proof is of immense importance in the world of online marketing and selling. Good Testimonials and reviews are a big draw for new customers.Using Synup,one can easily aggregate reviews from dozens of different listing websites. Pick the ones that you want on your website and showcase them easily using the embeddable widgets.


Multi Location Management

If your business has more than one location, managing its online presence becomes harder with each new location- with all the different registrations, login ids, passwords and so on. Synup simplifies things for you – whether you have one location or a thousand, you can manage all of them from one single dashboard.


24×7 Customer Service & Support

The Synup team works round the clock and the support team is always available for its customers.


What else do you get?




While Synup is primarily is a listings management platform, it’s much more than just that. It provides you with a complete toolset for online marketing.


Reputation Management


The online reputation of a business is becoming more and more important thanks to social media and review websites which customers trust to verify a business credentials before making a purchase. Synup helps you manage your reputation by giving you features like –


  • Review Monitoring – Our integrated dashboard brings you all your reviews from the sites that matter, right to your dashboard. So instead of constantly scouring the web, you can find all you relevant reviews at one place
  • Notifications On the Go- It’s a fast paced world where customer service expectations are sky high and customers appreciate quick responses.And now you can give it to them using Synup’s real time review updates. You can set up your notifications to receive an email or SMS whenever you get any new reviews about your business.
  • Direct Response- Not only can you track your reviews, you can respond to reviews directly via the dashboard.

Keyword Tracking & Reporting


Your business’s search rankings are the most important part of your online visibility. Our platform tracks your rankings from the moment you sign up and shows you the changes over time. You can add the keywords that you would like to rank for and the Synup dashboard will track and report your business’s ranking changes. You can also export these reports in csv or pdf formats.


The Competition


Like any other service provider, Synup has its fair share of rivals and competitors, here’s how we compare against some of the larger competitors-


Yext – 500$/year


Yext provides a service similar to Synup, but a huge drawback with Yext is that they make you commit to their platform and your business loses all its citations as soon as you unsubscribe from their service. Any citations that were previously fixed will also be returned to their original state.


Moz Local- 84$/year


Moz Local is a much cheaper alternative compared to Yext or Synup but Moz Local provides a barebones service. It does not submit your business to citation directories directly. Instead, they submit your business to a few large data aggregators. These data aggregators in turn push your data to other directories. While this method may work well for a lucky few, it’s more of a spray and pray method. It may take a long time before your business is added by the data aggregators and then pushed to other directories. There’s little or no control over the process and timeline for adding your business listings.




Synup charges you 25$/month – charged yearly which amounts to 300$/year and you can unsubscribe at any time. You will not be charged from the time you unsubscribe. Synup gives you complete control over your listings while making it hassle free to manage them from one central dashboard. Once created your listings will never be deleted, fixed listings and removed duplicates will are also permanent fixtures that are never rolled back.
If your Local SEO needs a boost, Synup’s your go to service. Visit for more information. You can also run a Free Scan to check your business’s current online presence.

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