Simple marketing tips to kick-start your business

25Jan, 2018

Marketing Stream and are still very much in startup mode; I figured I would write a post on kick-starting a new business, project or cause.

If you’re a business owner today, you already know that marketing today is no easy task.

The old outbound marketing playbook most of us grew up with is broken and most small businesses simply don’t have the money to afford these big interruption-based advertising campaigns.

Inbound Marketing on the other hand is a new approach to marketing that’s about getting found online by people looking for your products and services.

As a small business, you need to setup your business and your marketing properly so you get found by the people already looking for what you have.

If you’re starting a new project or a new business, here is simple checklist of 15 marketing tips to help you get started.

1) Pick a business name that works

It should be easy to remember and not too long. When choosing a name, make sure you can get the domain name as well. If you can get a .com domain with your industry keywords in it, this is preferable but not mandatory.

2) Get a nice logo designed

Your logo should be simple and look professional. You can get a logo designed using or sites like Make sure to get the vector files from the designer so you can use these on your social media profiles and your website.

3) Put up a simple website

You can use WordPress but make sure you use your own domain name not You need to start building up a reputation with Google for your business/domain name. This will help you get found on search engines.

4) Get links to your website

Just one link from another website will help Google find you and add you to its search results. Don’t go overboard and sites in your industry are better links than just any old website.

5) Setup a Twitter account

The name should match your domain name. Even if you are not convinced of the value of Twitter yet, get your account setup now and add a link in your profile back to your website. Marketing Stream for example has @MarketingStream on Twitter, Instagram and many other social profiles.

6) Setup an email subscription on your website to start collecting subscribers

You can do this with Mailchimp. Add this to the sidebar beside your blog posts so people can easily subscribe when they are reading your blog.

7) Setup a Facebook Page

Add a simple description for your business and link back to your website. You can also setup your vanity web address such as

8) Setup a LinkedIn company page

Linkedin introduced company pages a while ago and they are a great way to connect with professionals around the world. Make sure to link back to your website. Check out our Linkedin page.

9) Find relevant Twitter users in your industry

Start following them and building relationships with these people. Don’t just follow randomly. Be targeted and find people in your industry or your target market. Also, Twitter is not just a broadcast service. It’s a social network so get social with your followers.

10) Setup a blog on your website

If you installed WordPress on your webwite, you already have a blog. Start writing consistently. What do you write about? The best blogs solve problems for their target customers through education and entertainment.

11) Write a remarkable blog article about your industry

It’s remarkable content that will help people find you on the search engines. The more relevant, useful content you create about your industry and your knowledge, the better search engines will be able to find you and the more people will want to read and come back to your blog to learn more.

12) Find bloggers talking about your market

Subscribe to their blogs and comment on their blog posts when you have something relevant to add. Don’t spam them; the purpose is about building relationships, not selling.

13) Promote your promoters

When someone links to your blog or retweets one of your tweets, thank them and help them get more traffic too. In the long run, helping them helps you. Other people will see this behavior and will return the favor when you are posting remarkable content of your own.

14) Make a list of the top people in your industry and write a blog post about them

List the people and why you think they are great. Link to their website or online profiles.

15) Setup Google Analytics on your website

Like the old saying goes, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Google Analytics can provide you with insights as to what pages on your website get the most traffic and what keywords people are typing into Google to find your page. Analysis of this information can help you improve your website and your blog posts.

Get Started!

Marketing today is not about outspending your competition; it’s about providing value, building relationships and helping out and the best way to do this is by creating remarkable content for your target audience.

These 15 marketing tips should get you started on your way to getting found by prospective customers.