How to increase Instagram followers using the “FOLLOW LIKE, LIKE, LIKE” tactic.

19Jun, 2018

With most Instagram bots being shut down, people are now going back to authentic, manual engagement. This is the way Instagram was intended to be used.

So the questions I’ve been asked recently is “How should I be engaging on Instagram?” and “What works to gain more followers?

With bots doing this work for so many marketers, these are reasonable questions today.

The short answer is that it takes time, and work.

I came across this tactic and it was backed with a bit of data the showed a follow-back increase of 20%-25% so I dug deeper.

The tactic is called the “FOLLOW LIKE, LIKE, LIKE” tactic and it’s as simple as it is stated.

The process is simple to learn and execute but is effective over the long term.

1) First, decide on the hashtag that you want to gain followers from.

Let’s say it’s “#AffilateMarketing.  

2) Search for this hashtag in Instagram and then go to the “Most Recent” section for the hashtag.

3) Choose the top picture, go to their profile page and follow that account.

4) Then scroll to their pictures and like at least three of their most recent pictures.

Go to the next Most Recent picture and repeat steps 2 to 4.

This simple tactic shows the user that not only did someone who is similar to them follow them, but they also dug in a little bit deeper into their content and showed that they really liked what they found. It shows a level of engagement that most bots never did and so it gives a feeling of authentic connection.

In the article I read, they stated that when they did this, the follow-back percentage approached 25%.

This means that for every four people they followed using this approach, one would follow back.  

In addition to these followers and, more importantly, they saw a measurable amount of traffic going through to their profile link which took the users to a pre-launch landing page where they converted visitors into their email list. 


So with the bots all dying off, authentic engagement has become the best way to grow your Instagram audience and reach your growth goals.

If you still want to use a bot, there are some still out there and I would suggest starting with this list I wrote a while ago on my personal blog.

Some of these are out of business but I know this one is still working.

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