Get help finding blog post ideas with these 5 Blog Post Idea Generators

09Jun, 2018

Need some help with stuff to write about on your blog?

Need blog post ideas?

When you just can’t think of any ideas for blog posts, give one of these blog post generators a try.

All you need to use one of these blog post generators is your keyword or keyword phrase. Enter them in, click a button and all kinds of title ideas come out.

I sometimes use these titles as general inspiration to get my brain thinking. These tools don’t always come up with the best blog posts but they do a great job in providing inspiration.

1) Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent’s content idea generator is fun and easy to use. You just put in your subjects keyword and click a button and you get something like the following.

I used the subject “blogs” and go these three gems.

  • 19 Ways Blogs are Completely Overrated
  • Why Blogs are the Best Things Since Sliced Bread
  • 20 Secrets About Blogs the Government Is Hiding

Click here to try the Portent’s Content Idea Generator

2) Blogabout Blog Title Generator

The Blogabout title generator is created by Impact Branding. It’s a neat little title generator with some creative design elements added in for fun. Here are some of the blog post title ideas I got from the Blogabout generator

  • One Thing Every Blog Needs to Do
  • 4 blog tricks that work every time
  • 10 tips to Help You Learn How to
  • Learn how to create a blog in minutes

I like that last one. Might use that one in a few weeks.

Click here to try the Blogabout Blog Title Geneartor

3) Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

I really like the Hubspot blog post generator. It asks you for 3 nouns that describe your products or services and then generates 5 blog post titles for you in 10 seconds.

Here are the 5 I got for “blog”, “blogging” and “blog title”.

  1. What Will Blog Be Like In 100 Years?
  2. Why We Love Blogging (And You Should, Too!)
  3. 10 Quick Tips About Blog Title
  4. Think You’re Cut Out For Doing Blog? Take This Quiz
  5. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Blogging

Click here to try the HubSpot Blog Title Generator

4) SEO Pressor Blog Title Generator

Get endless suggestions, catchy titles, and other creative blogging topics with the SEO Pressor blog post title generator. With this one, you enter your keyword and then choose between 7 keyword description choices and click “Generate Titles”

For the same “blog” keyword, it generated these awesome blog post titles.

  • You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Blog.
  • Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Blog.
  • Why You Should Not Go To Blog.
  • 5 Benefits Of Blog That May Change Your Perspective.
  • 7 Things To Know About Blog.

It’s similar to the HubSpot one a little.

Try the SEO Pressor Blog Title Generator

5) Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

The Tweek your biz title generator creates the most suggestions out of all the above generators. If you want information overload, this is the tool for you.

This tool provided hundreds of ideas. Here is just a small sampling of what I got from the “Blog” keyword again.

  • Apply These 6 Secret Techniques To Improve Blog
  • Believing These 6 Myths About Blog Keeps You From Growing
  • Don’t Waste Time! 6 Facts Until You Reach Your Blog
  • How 6 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Blog
  • Blog Awards: 6 Reasons Why They Don’t Work & What You Can Do About It
  • Blog Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 6 Tips
  • Blog Is Your Worst Enemy. 6 Ways To Defeat It
  • Blog On A Budget: 6 Tips From The Great Depression
  • Knowing These 6 Secrets Will Make Your Blog Look Amazing
  • Master The Art Of Blog With These 6 Tips
  • My Life, My Job, My Career: How 6 Simple Blog Helped Me Succeed
  • Take Advantage Of Blog – Read These 6 Tips
  • The Next 6 Things You Should Do For Blog Success
  • The Time Is Running Out! Think About These 6 Ways To Change Your Blog
  • The 6 Best Things About Blog
  • The 6 Biggest Blog Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
  • 6 Blog Mistakes That Will Cost You $1m Over The Next 10 Years
  • 6 Blog You Should Never Make
  • 6 Life-saving Tips About Blog

Try the Tweek your biz title generator

Bonus Tool: The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

As a bonus, I  suggest checking out the CoSchedule blog post headline analyzer.

It’s super easy to use. Just type, or copy and paste you blog post title and it will analyze your heading and give you are rating score.

You can paste in the posts you have just generated from one of the tools above and get a score based on 4 criteria.

I entered “Learn how to create a blog in minutes” and got a score of 69.

To come up with the score, the grader does analysis on 4 main criteria.

  1. LENGTH ANALYSIS –  An analysis of the overall structure, grammar, and readability of your headline.
  2. FIRST & LAST WORDS – When skimming content, most readers tend to read the first and last three words of a headline.
  3. KEYWORDS – Headlines should include searchable keywords and phrases so that readers can find your content easily.
  4. SENTIMENT – Your headline shows a neutral sentiment. Headlines that convey strong positive or negative emotions tend to perform better.

It also shows you a  Google search results preview and email subject line preview so you can see how your audience will view your blog post. Very useful tool.

Been using this for a while now and find it works great.

Give the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer a try.


That’s it for this post. I hope these generators can provide you with a easy way to break your writers block and keep blogging. Remember to try out different keywords too see what comes up and then test them out in the headline analyzer.

When you find the awesome headline you’re going to write about and If you’re really serious with finding out a ton more stats about your headline, enter it into SEMRush. You can find out very useful intelligence on your keywords.

Have any blog post title generators or analyzers that you use?

I would love to hear about them.

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