21 Interactive Social Media Campaign Ideas

04Apr, 2018

If not managed appropriately, social media could be a hard nut to crack.

Always remember that you are in a never ending competition with the global brands and in order to keep yours a step ahead, generating sensational ideas is the way to go.

The challenge today for marketers is there are simply too many choices when it comes to marketing strategy, technology and ongoing execution.

It’s both hard to find ideas and even harder to decide which is going to be the most effective for your business.

So to help you, I have brought together 21 campaign ideas that may make your business click while you are still busy thinking of the next big bang that would rock the world of social media.

Most of these great campaign ideas can be setup using WooBox or many other tactical tools. Check them out if you decided to use any of these ideas.

1) Sweepstakes

To get the attention of a targeted audience, sweepstakes are becoming more popular among marketers who are trying to claim their share of the profit pie.

A giveaway that includes a prize contest or sweepstakes, works very well to promote your business and take it to a whole new level.

Giveaways are flexible, that means you may promote them on different social media platforms, such as: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

2) Coupons

Create fan-only coupons with unique one per user custom coupon codes to easily track the uptake and increase profitability.

The biggest advantage of coupon campaigns is, they are easy to share; so it takes less effort to get wider spread.

3) Photo Contests

Photo contests are the best way to get the maximum exposure for your brand. It is simple: fans can take part in a contest just by voting, or uploading a photo.

By doing so, they will be actively promoting their entries to others, which will boost your campaign and brand.

4) Quizzes

Quizzes with custom results based on answers given by participants are a nice way to engage users, build an extended email list, and moreover, gather feedback.

The great thing about social media quizzes is that they can attract different crowds based on the content created.

Apart from being engaging and entertaining, they provide a higher value that any marketer would notice.

On social media, quizzes have the potential to go viral, depending on the quality.

5) Polls

For any social media strategy, polling is a strong tool that marketers should consider adding to their campaign.

Social media polls allow you to solicit feedback from your fans and help you to gain profound understanding of customers and a specific community.

6) Brackets

By letting your participants to create brackets, score, and showing leaderboards you are providing them an incentive that will keep them engaged to our brand for the days to come.

7) Video Contests

Based on your goals, video contests could be quite effective. The general rule is: the more effort you gave behind a contest, the more engaging it would be.

Since smartphone use is rapidly rising, creating and uploading HD videos area good idea. As a marketer this is a huge opportunity for you to attract more entries.

8) Instant Win

People find it more lucrative when they see the prize will be announced instantly. Instead of lengthy contests, they expect something simple, easy, and quick.

Woobox can help with the execution of instant win contests.

9) Pin to Win

As the world’s fourth largest social media network, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to create dashing contests that will pave the path for your brand to hit the market.

Pinterest contests create mentions, interactions and referrals, which in turn result in increased sales.

Learn some interesting facts you should know about Pinterest here.

10) Leaderboard

With the inclusion of a leaderboard on social media, users can feel more connected. A leaderboard is helpful for community search, filtering and rewarding participants.

It makes visitors more interested in your brand by creating room for a shared experience.

11) HTML Fangate

The impact of HTML Fangate is widespread. You can easily create customized content to make your contents visible to both fans and non fans.

It is very flexible, meaning: you can upload your own HTML content with CSS and JavaScript.

12) Tab for Twitter

Nowadays everybody wants to make their presence known over different social media platforms. But often it is hard to create different posts for different platforms.

Tab for Twitter allows you to automatically display Tweets on a Facebook Page Tab.

13) Instagram Tab

This is an amazing way to make room for Instagram photos and videos to be showed in a gallery on your Facebook Page Tab. This gives you ease of use and saves valuable time.

14) Pinterest Tab

Now, showing all the boards from a specific user account is easier than any time before. Setting the tab up is quite easy – all you need to do is entering your Pinterest username.

15) YouTube Tab

This will work as a gallery of videos from a specific YouTube channel. Visitors on your Facebook page will be able to move through the videos without having to leave the tab. This makes your page more interactive.

16) Deals

This feature distinguishes between serious users and those who are just passing time with no intention of ultimately purchasing your service. It takes a follower to make payment through PayPal to access an offer.

17) Group Deals

This will help you to refine your fan base further as a mean of creating coupons based on placed requests. It’s an approach that will give the users the sense that they are some of the privileged ones and increase your brand value.

18) Rewards

By creating a guest list of people who will be eligible for rewards will drive traffic to your brand’s online presence. It will also add the label of an established business to your brand.

19) Prize Claim

Once the reward is announced, the winners would like to receive the prize easily, without any delay. Make the process of claiming a prize simplistic and see your brand’s reputation grow. Use this content to get new entrants for the next contest.

20) Pick a Winner

Woobox’s pick a winner tooll is the easiest tool available out there to pick a winner in no time, with an integrated approach. This also enables exporting Facebook comments and likes from posts.

21) Poll Posts

With hashtag voting via comments the whole process becomes super easy. Now create and run polls directly on your Facebook Timeline by picking up poll titles, options, colors, and layout; and make it more interactive.

This is a long list so I hope you found at least one idea in here that you can put into practice in your business.

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